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Vegan Black Metal Chef Ep 4: Hail Seitan aka Udon Noodle Stirfry

The Vegan Black Metal Chef is back and this time he's making stir-fry!  His tribute is entitled "Hail Seitan" which is a fun little play on words.  Seitan, contrary to popular belief is not the fallen angel Lucifer from Christianity. Seitan is wheat gluten aka wheat meat, mock duck, gluten meat, or simply gluten, and is a food made from the gluten of wheat. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch dissolves, leaving insoluble gluten as an elastic mass which is then cooked before being eaten.  It is often  used in place of soy based products such as tofu when slightly different textures are required.  So sit back and enjoy this episode of The Vegan Black Metal Chef! Don't forget to subscribe to his   youtube channel , visit his   website , where he's got the   audio up , and to call on the dark arts if your own recipe doesn't turn out! Hehe. Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

My Drunk Kitchen - Hurrican ? More like Hurrican't!

HurriCan't resist to put herself into harms way that is! Hanna's and back and she doesn't want to get dirty!  Actually she's out in the thick of it, Hurricane Irene, eschewing safety for your MDK entertainment needs!  This time she's cooking up  err, opening up a can of beans and taking a slug or two of 'em along with some "adult beverages" before retreating back into the comforts of their happy home.  It's a quick and entertaining little bit of video and goes to show you that a) you don't need a kitchen, b) you don't need to cook, and c) you DO need to have alcohol on hand for just such emergencies! Hehe.  Stay safe Hanna and despite what your sister tells you to do stick to your guns and stay clean! Don't forget to subscribe to her  youtube channel  and her  twitter feed ! Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

My Drunk Kitchen - Latkes! PLUS Extra Videos!

Hanna's back and this time she's exploring her "roots" so to speak. Also she's got a sunburn, awe...   Anywho, She's making Potato Latkes!  While a little lite on the actually "cooking" the first video is pretty entertaining and we discover that Latkes are really just "hasbrowns" WHAT! How dare you call them hashbrows! Hehe.  We also find out what happens when you forget to record 15 min of pure comedy gold, how to increase your subscriber count ala "the cleavage shot" (its PG people, don't worry), and the joy of working having roommates. Check out the bonus videos after the jump in a video about important hartoandco blog info, new t-shirts, and a bonus video from her website  , which you should all be bookmarked/subscribed to as well!

2am Chili - How To Make Chili "Like A Boss"

Over on the reddit  user tylercap  posted his recipe for Chili, "Like A Boss" that he likes to make at 2am between sessions of Black Ops.  However unlike the traditional listing of ingredients in a 3x5 index card format or video of the process tylercap decided to post pics along with some stick figures showing the process.  Also if you're unfamiliar with the meme "Like a Boss" check out the bottom of the post for the youtube clip from Andy Samberg of SNL and thelonlyisland . nsfw language and imagery for both chili and "like a boss" video after the jump.