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Dungeness Crab @ The Boiling Crab

$32.00 (my total bill, not including tip)
Boiling Crab
71 Curtner Avenue
San Jose 95125-1065
(408) 297-2322

I had to give the boiling crab only one star this time out because frankly they missed the mark on a number of the areas I judge a establishment upon.  Find out more on why I don't recommend going to The Boiling Crab...

My Drunk Kitchen EP4 - Not Easy, Bake Oven

Hanna is back and she's attempting baking, while sloshed.  Her efforts and result shows that baking is a very precise process and really shouldn't be attempted drunk or even attempted while in the process of getting drunk!  

As former govinator said in the bestest movie eva - Raw Deal, that's sarcasm btw, "You should not drink and bake!" Either way Hanna is cute as ever, and a bit more "sassy" with the language this time around so be forewarned!

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My Drunk Kitchen - You've Gotta Break A Few Eggs

On this episode of My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah attempts to make an omelette and ends up creating a "Franken Omelette!"  You, and her cat, can be the judge of her latest efforts!

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