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How to Make A Herb / Compound Butter - My SECRET Weapon!!!

I'm creating now for the tiktok platform too as well as youtube , facebook , instagram , twitter, and the web ! This is just a little something quick, Herb/Compound Butter!  Its a super simple recipe that everyone should know and utilize!  You can put it on practically anything and everything for a nice flavor zing!  Bread, potatoes, red meats, fish, vegetables, there is really no limit!  I may be creating a few other compound butters, like garlic and green onion butter, sage butter, basil butter, and cinnamon and honey butter, all of which I'll likely put up on tiktok/youtube. #diy #homemade #herb #compound #butter #fromscratch #sogood #food #foodporn #foodie #foodphotography #yummy #foodstagram #like #follow #lunchemunche I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, don't forget to give it a like, thumbs up, or +1, leave a comment or two, and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any articles and Videos! You can also follow me on the various social media sit
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KARAKA Spicy Ramen @ Ippudo Ramen!!!

$41.92  2x Karaka Spicy Ramen (waters, 1 add on of egg and bamboo, tax/ 20% tip included) From Wikipedia - Ippudo, also known as Hakata Ippūdō (博多一風堂) in Japan, is a Japanese ramen restaurant chain with locations worldwide. Ippudo is well known for its tonkotsu ramen , and has been described as "the most famous tonkotsu ramen shop in the country" From their website - IPPUDO round blade noodles fineness no. 26 A bowl full of basics – the question is what noodles would best suit the Shiromaru Classic? Noodle specialists worked night and day trying out all kinds of possibilities until they reached the answer which was “Round blade noodles fineness no. 26”. Skilled professionals controlled the hydrolysis rate and process by adjusting the temperature and humidity, and achieved the most perfect balance. Using “round blades” which produce circular noodles, these noodles which draw up just the right amount of silky pork b

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen @ Obu Ramen House!!!

$12.95 + 1.00 spicy chili paste (other food, and tax/tip not included) Tucked away in a strip mall plaza, you wouldn't think anything special about this Ramen house from the outside, especially when its sitting right next to a New Tun Kee Noodle house, but this ramen noodle house is a hidden gem in San Jose. We went there around 1:30pm, well past the lunch rush, however the place was still a bit busy.  We were seated quickly and had ordered in a matter of minutes.  We each got the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with thick noodle, and when I asked how spicy the dish was he replied "very mild" and then suggested the chili paste when I indicated I like it very spicy. Once the bowls arrived I tasted the broth, it was the porky creamy goodness that I expect in a good ramen bowl, and despite being labeled as spicy, it was not, and so I added the 1/2 the chili paste which brought the spicy level to a very good level of kick. The noodles were thick and c

POPUP SHOP - Modo Mochi Donut @ Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Jose

$20 for a dozen!!! (other food, and tax/tip not included) People have lost their damn minds once again in the "craze" of these Hawaiian Mochi Donuts!  We arrived after lunch at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Jose off Saratoga Ave.  The line was out the door! My friends got in line, I went in to scope out how long it would be.   I passed the automatic doors and saw the line twisted to and fro, back and forth, amongst various food stands and displays.  I inquired the length of time people were waiting, 2-3 hrs was the wait time.   OMG! No frick'n way!!!   No pastry was worth that wait!Luckily, my friend came in to see the line size and saw their sister in law and was able to snag a few to share with us! Thanks CHAN!  The max you could get for one person was a dozen for $20.    Now don't get me wrong, the donuts were very tasty and had that slight chewiness of fresh pastries combined with mochi, but they weren't mind blowing crazy go

Empanadas from El Sur!

This is what we had at work today for lunch for our two hour meeting. These are empanadas from El Sur! My favs are the #parisien, and the #champinones.  #argentina #delicious, #empanadas, #food, #foodie, #foodporn, #lunchemunche, #lunchtime, #workcatered EMAIL INFO@ELSURSF.COM PHONE 415 530 2803 ADDRESS 300 DE HARO STE. 342 SAN FRANCISCO, CA