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How To Peel Garlic...Like a Boss!

I found the video below over at  of how to completely peel a whole head of garlic in about 10 seconds with out using any of those gimmicky tools sold by gourmet stores or late night infomercials or even a paring knife!  It's a pretty slick trick!  You can find lots of tricks and techniques as well as recipes over at .  They're my new rss entry for foodie goodness! Also here is a tip of my very own that I'm sure most of you know already. The tip works for those times when you've slightly been handling fish, onions and especially garlic.  If you're cutting up a bucket of onions, garlic or frying up a school of fish then this will likely not work as the odor has been absorbed into your skin so I'd suggest using latex gloves when handling those items in large quantities.  So you've miniced a few cloves of garlic and you didn't put on gloves an you can smell the garlic smell from your fingers.  First rinse off all solids with clear c

My Drunk Kitchen - Ep. 10 - Poutine !

Hanna is back and she's gone international!   Well she's in Canada...   Toronto to be exact...   But that still counts!  This episode she's extra cute with all of her Canada references, riffs on the culture, and dirty remarks on poutine!  Hehe.  Also drinking and cooking of course! Her poutine actually turns out alright, regardless of what she indicates midway through regarding the typical outcome of the food of MDK.  Stay tuned until the end for the link to her other video of Hanada: A Travel Video!   (or just click that link ;) ) Don't forget to subscribe to her  youtube channel ,   twitter feed , and check out her website ! Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

Butchering A Chicken - A How To Video

This video from the youtube channel Podchef  has to one of the best videos of breaking down a whole chicken from a first person POV that I've seen.  I've been meaning/wanting to do a similar video myself as I couldn't find anything that correctly expressed how really easy this process is and how much cash you can save. Besides from being an excellent how to video, the other main point, while subtle, is the use of a very, very sharp knife. As we all know most accidents occur in the kitchen not because of sharp knives but because of dull ones.  Never force a dull knife, a sharp one should be near effortless while its doing its work.  This process can be accomplished with most knife styles however with that said the use of a stiff or semi flexible boning knife will also aid in the removal of meat from the carcass. After watching this you'll become an old pro at breaking down a chicken into its various components and will save a boat load of cash and feed your family,

Burger, Fries, And A Cup Of Chowda! @ Montery Bay Aquarium

(click to embiggen) No I didn't put that much mayo on my burger, used knife to only have about 1/4 of it left on my burger. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I hadn't been in about 10 years.  Of course the building hasn't changed much, and a few of the exhibits have been changed around but its pretty much the same ole same ole from 10 years ago, which is still pretty amazing!  I was able to hang out all day from lunch until closing, so about 6 hours.  I originally wanted to attend on a weekend for the late hours but even on a weekday it was pretty busy, it being the last week in August right before school started.  I gather the crowds might be the last jaunt for families and their kids before going back to school. Rather than get a late start taking photos by eating outside the Aquarium we decided to eat at the café within the Aquarium.  Other than having to stand about 15min in line the food wasn't too bad and somewhat sea