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All You Can Eat MEATS!!! @ Fogo de Chão Brazilian

$56.00 per person! (for lunch, dinnertime is more!) What can I say except MEAT IS DELICIOUS!  So a bunch of us went to Fogo De Chao for lunch as they have an advertised $35 all you can eat special.  However the price escalated quickly when we were offered "water".  We should have suspected something amiss when asked if we wanted non-bubbly or bubbly, which meant we were paying $7.50 per bottle of "fancy" italian water.  On the final bill were 12 bottles as everyone but two of us had "water" and were thinking they were saving money by only drinking water.  But who knows maybe this is how we solve California's water problem! Despite the misunderstanding with the water, I can't recommend this chain of restaurants enough, having been to both San Jose, CA and Las Vegas, NV branches.  Yep its a chain!  A delicious meaty chain!  Essentially upon arriving you sit down and can visit a very posh salad bar (if you

#6 Roast Beef And Provolone Sandwich @ Jersey Mike's Subs

$12.00 + tax This place recently opened down the street from where I work, not far from an Ike's Sandwich's.  My initial impression is that I'd have to really give this place another try before I come to any firm conclusions, but with an Ike's so close Jersey Mike's will have to work extra hard! The sandwich I got was their #6 a Roast Beef And Provolone sandwich.  As  you can see not much roast beef and a ton of shredded lettuce.  I don't mind lettuce, but not as a main on a roast beef sandwich!  The only other qualms with this visit was that the sandwich was drenched in oil, i didn't sense any vinegar either, and the oil was not very flavorful either.  There is nothing worse than a dry sandwich, but this was almost too much oil.  The last item might have been my fault, in my asking for no tomato, they may have taken that to also include no sauces/dressings of any kind.  So while not "dry" there was no mayo, no mustard, e