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So Much MEAT! @ Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse

The company I work for took us here after a team building event, so I can't really give you the price structure, and we were very well pampered.  The signature meat was the best I've had in a long time, however most of the chicken offerings were a little over cooked and dry, save for one, chicken wrapped in bacon!  Also the chicken hearts were also delicious, however are you might know they're more of a "appetizer" than anything as they're quite small.   Of course you could make a meal of them if you load up on them like my one co-worker who totaled around 15 of the buggers! :)  Then end of the meal was also a delight, with some nice grilled pineapple along with a chocolate tart topped with vanilla ice cream and a toffee side.  I would completely recommend this place to others who enjoy a Brazilian Steak House Experience.  Reservations recommended. Pampas    Directions $$$ · Brazilian Restaurant Brazilian ch

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork / Ribs - SO GOOD!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went grocery shopping and because of some deals and a hankering for some BBQ, I brought home a few items which were perfect for making some pulled pork / ribs in a slow cooker. This is about 4lbs of pork ribs/shoulder some pieces with the "bone in" which is perfectly fine with me...

Bacon Cheese Burger @ Land & Barrel

$17.68 (tax, tip, soda, burger) Land & Barrel is now in the former TGIF on Wolfe Rd, in Cupertino, CA.  Essentially the TGIF is gutted out, nothing on the walls, but the place is identical in layout.  The menu is a tad limited, when compared to the former, essentially your choices are a burger, a sandwich, or a salad, along with some beer.  A bit on the pricy side as well, however the burger was cooked to order, med-rare, and the bacon was crisp and not soggy, it was a pretty decent burger, maybe not $17 good, but still tasty. 10343 N Wolfe Rd Cupertino, CA 95014 Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!