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It's Time... Alton's Back!!!!!

Looks like Alton Brown is going back to his Good Eats roots he teased a bit online  today.  From all reports it seems its going to be a web series and not on TV.  Back in  the day Good Eats was a Food Network staple, until he branched out and started working on other projects, to some dismay of lots of fans when he delved into  the "reality tv genere".  Here is hope this new series is going to bring back the classic character and format we all fell in love with.  WOOT! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did, don't forget to give it a like, thumbs up, or +1, leave a comment or two, and SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any articles and Videos!You can also follow me on the various social media sites, where I typically post tidbits, previews, and other items that might not encompass a full blog post or full length video. I also sometimes put up info on upcoming activities, live streaming events, Q & A's, or just the day to day musings! Thanks for stopping by