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Lasagna & Ravioli @ Bertucelli's La Villa

$24.75 (quart of rav and lasagna and drink!) This has been a south bay hotspot known for years by the locals and those beyond!  Its best to either get here before or after the lunch rush, so 11pm or 1pm, and just hope they haven't run out of ravioli, however it seems that they've increased the production from years past.  The ONLY reason this place gets four stars instead of five is because of the seating.  This is a small store, deli, and there is no seating interior, there is seating however out side in the way of 4 or 5 smallish tables, but again if this place is busy they'll be full, or if weather turns bad, then will be empty but you won't want to sit in the open then huh ;)  Regardless if you go here at the very minimum get a 1/2 pint of rav, you'll thank me later! :) See photos See inside Bertucelli's La Villa Gourmet Directions $$ · Italian Restaurant Italian deli serving up sandw

Garlic Chicken Alfredo @ Elephant Bar

$13.95 Went out for a welcome luncheon for a new team member at work, ended up at Elephant Bar, got the table ordered the Mammoth Combo Plater, and I ordered the Garlic Chicken Alfredo.   Mammoth was a good choice, I wasn't overly impressed with the Garlic Chicken, mainly the alfredo was quite "watery" and not very "clingy" to the pasta. See photos Elephant Bar Restaurant Directions $ · Asian Restaurant · 0.4 mi Informal chain with a menu built on Pan-Asian, wok-fired plates & global fare. Address:  19780 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: (408) 865-0701 Hours:   Open today  ·  11:00 am – 10:00 pm Menu:

Carnitas Super Burrito @ Taqueria 3 Potrillos

$8.30 Simple and authentic!  The carnitas super burrito was most tasty!  While the place is a bit on the modest side for decor, the food is well worth waiting in line that is typical of lunchtime.   See photos Taqueria 3 Potrillos Directions Mexican Restaurant · 4.6 mi Counter-serve Mexican eatery in a strip mall known for its burritos, carnitas & a salsa bar. Address:  670 N Fair Oaks Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Phone: (408) 735-8657 Hours:   Open today  ·  8:00 am – 11:00 pm Menu: Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

Meat Combo Platter And Honey-Wine @ Zeni Ethiopian

$20.00 (plus tax and tip) So for this weeks "epic lunch" it coincided with one of our interns at work last days before he went back to school. Being that he hadn't had Ethiopian food before we decided to take him to Zeni Ethiopian for his "last meal".   We started out with a bit of delicious Honey-Wine, $6 a glass and a house speciality, and if you can find some in a store I'd encourage you to certainly get a bottle!  The meal it self, we decided, on a couple of the meat combo platters, which can easily feed two people.  Most of the combo platter range from $8 to $14 and with inclusion of some honey-wine that's about $20-26 for two is a great deal.   One of the unique things about Ethiopian food is the bread, is a sour spongy, pancake like break, as you can see from the photo.  Its like sourdough in that its got a nice tang to the bread and is tasty on its own.  The best part of the meal is the aftermath of all of the juices an