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Dungeness Crab @ The Boiling Crab

Yes this is how its cooked and brought to you!
Here is the Dungeness Crab Package opened up.
Sweet Potato Fries.
I think there is a reason these are on the menu.

$32.00 (my total bill, not including tip)
Boiling Crab
71 Curtner Avenue
San Jose 95125-1065
(408) 297-2322

I had to give the boiling crab only one star this time out because frankly they missed the mark on a number of the areas I judge a establishment upon.  Find out more on why I don't recommend going to The Boiling Crab...

What you see is what I got, not shown is a soda, which the waitress never came by for to offer a refill!  The crab cost $24 dollars (their market price), sweet potato fries we split, and my soda all for $32.00! 

Obviously as you can already tell the service here wasn't good.  We had to ask for flatware, they had NONE, so we asked for crab forks or something to get the crab meat out rather than use the pokey bits from the crab itself, and instead were given these plastic little do hookies with a kind of a can opener upon on end, which completely broke off with when digging into crab.  Mmmm blue plastic bits.  

My friend wanted a little salt for the sweet potato fries as they were rather plain, but still tasty in my eyes and the only saving grace for the night, and were asked by the waitress if we wanted salt and pepper or just salt.  Perplexed, thinking we would get both salt and pepper shakers, I quickly said "both" and with that were given a little dixie container will a smidgen of both salt and pepper mixed.  WTF!? 

You're given a variety of "seasonings" and "heat levels" to choose from.  My friend stuck with the smart choice and got the garlic and butter, but this being my first time at this establishment I went with the "whole shebang" with "spicy" seasoning.  The crab was anything but spicy, bland, and the whole shebang which combines all of their seasoning options into one didn't penetrate any of the crab meat and wasn't really any tastier as a "dipping sauce" than a store bought can of seafood seasoning.  

Also for how large these crab are there isn't certainly a lot of meat on their carapace or in the legs.  Without the aid of the sweet potato fries I would have still had a hunger in my belly.

To top things off when we entered the place the music they were playing had all the subtleties of going to a strip club for a buffet.  They had on some bass thumping local radio station that was putting out those sexy rap tunes making the whole experience somewhat surreal.  I expected stripper poles to pop out of the floor and bikini clad vixens to slither forth when a birthday was announced!

I may give this establishment "one last try" and go for shrimp or crayfish meals, their crab seems a bit too much work for practically nothing and their lobster is way over priced!  I may hit up a good Asian market near me for some cheap and delicious seafood I can easily cook at home.  If I do I'll certainly post it here!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!


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