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My Drunk Kitchen - Latkes! PLUS Extra Videos!

Hanna's back and this time she's exploring her "roots" so to speak. Also she's got a sunburn, awe...  

Anywho, She's making Potato Latkes!  While a little lite on the actually "cooking" the first video is pretty entertaining and we discover that Latkes are really just "hasbrowns" WHAT! How dare you call them hashbrows! Hehe.  We also find out what happens when you forget to record 15 min of pure comedy gold, how to increase your subscriber count ala "the cleavage shot" (its PG people, don't worry), and the joy of working having roommates.

Check out the bonus videos after the jump in a video about important hartoandco blog info, new t-shirts, and a bonus video from her website , which you should all be bookmarked/subscribed to as well!

Don't forget to subscribe to her youtube channel and her twitter feed!

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