Thursday, November 17, 2016

Joule From ChefSteps! Basic Pork Chop Recipe!!! Sous Vide!!!


I pre-ordered Joule awhile back and it finally arrived!   What is Joule you might ask? Well its the new Sous Vide machine from ChefSteps!  Its essentially a water heater and circulation device.  Joule allows you to cook food immersed in water (in a zip lock bag or vacuum bag) to a tenderness and keep that food at that state for long periods of time without fear of over or under cooking the food.  

(cooked pork chop per their recipe so juicy!)

Another cool aspect is that you can pair the device with your phone (app is android and ios), your wi-fi router, as well as an Amazon Echo or Dot (for some voice control) to cook/monitor/start/stop/change temps/set timers from anywhere you have an internet connection.  ChefSteps app(android and apple) takes the calculations out of Sous Vide so its a simple process of selecting the doneness, visually, within the app and then just hit GO!

Check out the two little videos snippets to see Joule in operation:

I followed ChefSteps recipe for both the pork and the carrots from here:

If you'd like a Joule of your own you can use the affliate links below, which helps out the video channel and the blog! 

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