Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review : Dinner for Two @ Guy Fieri's Johnny Garlics Restruants

Complementary Focaccia

Johnny's Garlic Fries

Coconut Shrimp

Double R Ranch Flank Steak

Wild Mushroom Chicken

$75.00 (includes tip and tax)
101 Curtner Ave
Ste 60
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 217-8441

While the food was good, it wasn't $75 dollar good, and the service was a bit off.  It was a full 10 min for a waiter to even acknowledge us, but the table behind us was served in about 2 min. At the end of the meal they mixed up the checks.

The steak was cooked to order n juicy, but rather flavorless and seemed to need a bit of seasoning or more of the cherry sauce, maybe they had forgotten to drizzle it over the top of the two pieces of meat.

The "wild" mushroom chicken dish had a sauce you'd likely get out of a jar at the supermarket and the chicken was a touch over done and again a bit flavorless, i.e.,  needed a bit more seasoning.  The mushroom's were of the regular fair you'd find at your local supermarket.

I gather if I were to make similar entrees at home it would be very easy and for 1/4 the cost or less even.  The only outstanding items, and the only reason this is getting 3 stars vs 2 stars, were the starters.  The complementary focaccia was very tasty as were the garlic fries with their bits of both roasted and sharp raw garlic! The coconut shrimp was the absolute winner.  I'd recommend skipping the entree's and just get a bunch of the starters for a delicious meal.

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