Friday, March 23, 2012

Video - How To Make Chocolate Ganache!

I recently posted a recipe of a desert that I created to take to my work ST Patrick's Day potluck.  The minty rich chocolate cakes were a big hit, and many enjoyed the chocolate and mint combination. The bite sized cakes tasted just like a Thin Mint cookie, ala of Girl Scout notoriety!

When I mentioned, to a few curious inquires of how I constructed the edibles. I explained  how it was just a box cake mix and some ganache for the topping, they were a bit puzzled and wanted to know exactly what ganache was made of.

I did my best to explain,, cream and chocolate, but they wanted to know the process. So a video was great idea.  Lucky for me when I created the recipe I just happened to also record a video of the ganache process.

So here is the video of the process, now after watching go and make your own, its delicious and versatile!  I dare you to keep it in your fridge for longer than a week, my guess is it won't last more than a night! Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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