Sunday, October 09, 2011

Recipe - Two Corn Casserole

Here is a little comfort food, especially for those of us in/from the Midwest.  Usually you can find this, or a variation, around thanksgiving and its always so good!  If i'm feeling a little homesick, I'll whip up a batch. Its one of those dishes where you should always keep the ingredients in your pantry  because its super easy to make!  So here it is, the recipe for Two Corn Casserole!
Two Corn Casserole1/2 Cup Butter (8 T)
1/4 Cup Onion-Chopped
3/4 Cup Serrano Pepper-Chopped
1 Can (16oz) Cream Style Corn
1 Can (16oz) Whole Kernel Corn
3 Eggs-Beaten
1 Box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
Cheddar Cheese-Grated (optional)
Heat Oven to 350 Degrees, Grease 9x12 pan with butter. In small skillet melt remainder of butter and sweat onions and pepper until translucent (alt you can fry until crisp). Let cool. In a large bowl combine eggs, the two cans of corn, and muffin mix. Mix. Then pour in cooled onion/pepper mixture. Mix. Pour into 9x12 pan and bake for 1 hr. 10 min prior top with cheddar cheese if desired, or similar cheese. Let stand for 5 min before serving.
Some alterations you can make are to add various levels of "heat" by using different peppers, and then either not sweating/frying them and putting them raw in the mix to bake.  Also you can add in a two strips of bacon-chopped, fry it up first and use the fat to sweat/fry the onion and pepper, then just cut out a T of butter or two.  Jack or Pepper Jack cheese works well too.  If you let it cool in the fridge you can cut it into blocks for portion control and it freezes nicely, double wrapped of course.

It is thought of more of a side dish but I certainly can/will eat it as the main, but I've also been known to use the left overs as an companion to my chili.

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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