Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Drunk Kitchen - Hurrican ? More like Hurrican't!

HurriCan't resist to put herself into harms way that is! Hanna's and back and she doesn't want to get dirty!  Actually she's out in the thick of it, Hurricane Irene, eschewing safety for your MDK entertainment needs!  This time she's cooking up err, opening up a can of beans and taking a slug or two of 'em along with some "adult beverages" before retreating back into the comforts of their happy home.  It's a quick and entertaining little bit of video and goes to show you that a) you don't need a kitchen, b) you don't need to cook, and c) you DO need to have alcohol on hand for just such emergencies! Hehe.  Stay safe Hanna and despite what your sister tells you to do stick to your guns and stay clean!

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