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My Drunk Kitchen, Ep. 8: Ice Cream? Someday...

White mocha (coffee) ice cream and ice cream s...
Hanna is back and is attempting to make some homemade ice cream!   I would say this is a mix between her baking attempts and her normal cooking efforts, so a semi-success ... in entertainment!

Obviously there is not a lot of actual cooking in this episode as she's not making custard (milk, eggs, sugar + heat).  You can eventually see the opening of a store bought pint of ice cream, after I suspect her bag within a bag (inception ice cream anyone?), has become a salty icy mess.

Chevy Chase perfected the art of the comedic fall and it seems in this episode Hanna has taken a lesson or two as there are a few "slippages".  OUCH!  Drinking and making ice cream can certainly be a dangerous effort!

As she states in the end it's a "Hot Damn Mess!" Now here is the video:

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