Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pork Plate @ Santa Theresa BBQ & Grill

Pork Plate w/Side Onion Rings

Santa Theresa BBQ & Grill
1 (408) 224-3293
6195 Santa Teresa Blvd,
San Jose, CA 95123
I'd only go here If you're in an BBQ Emergency. The ribs were good, the fry's were cold, the onion rings greasy as hell, the sauce was only filled half way, and had a weird teriyaki tinge, not enough for the large portion of ribs, and the garlic bread had a weird "funk" which tasted like it was grilled right after they grilled some seafood and not in a good way, and I like seafood!

Which brings me to the other reasons why I gave this place 2 star, the staff wasn't very friendly. In fact the cashier gave me my order the bag was over sized and I think the garlic bread slipped out and onto the floor while I was putting my phone away, and before I picked up the bag, she grabbed the garlic bread and put it back into the bag. Needless to say I cut off the portion that was sticking out of the little baggie that the bread was sticking out of, and thus likely the only portion that touched the floor. Also the place is tiny, maybe 5 tables max, so I ended up getting lunch as take out!

The ribs were the only saving grace and like I mentioned I'd only go here again if I were jones'n hard for BBQ and I didn't want to drive 5 miles to the nearest Willies. Not to mention the place is pricy!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

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