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Spicy Pork Stew + Other Delicious Foods @ Go Gi Go Korean BBQ

$14.99 Spicy Pork Stew (not pictured) (other food, and tax/tip not included)
While a bit pricy, you do get a lot of food, and the staff was super friendly and attentive.  I'd recommend going here if you want a bit more tastier experience than some of the other similar locations unless you're on a budget.  
Sadly in my excitement to get the other food photographed, I forgot to take a picture of my own meal, the Spicy Pork Stew, served in a stone hot pot.  Very delicious, and more than enough (with the rice), for me to take home 1/2 and have it for dinner that night as well!  Go Gi Go Korean BBQ 
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Chicken And Ginger Curry EXTRA HOT!!! (Its Not) @ Curry House

$12.90 Chicken And Ginger Curry Extra HOT!!! (tax and tip not included)
I make a point of mentioning that the meal I received was labeled "EXTRA HOT" but sadly it was one of the mildest curry dishes I've had to date.   I'm not a spice fanatic but when its labeled EXTRA HOT on the menu I expect something a bit more than a slight tingle on the tongue, and being that they are warning me on the menu I shouldn't have to ask for it to be "extra spicy" for it to be EXTRA HOT!  My friends normal curry dish was more spicy.

Don't get me wrong its a tasty dish, but as I described to my friend, its not a curry I can see myself craving like I do with normal Thai or Indian cuisine.  I will go back to the Curry House, but next time around I think i'll just get the normal curry meals, perhaps with seafood!

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It's Time... Alton's Back!!!!!

Looks like Alton Brown is going back to his Good Eats roots he teased a bit online  today.  From all reports it seems its going to be a web series and not on TV.  Back in  the day Good Eats was a Food Network staple, until he branched out and started working on other projects, to some dismay of lots of fans when he delved into  the "reality tv genere".  Here is hope this new series is going to bring back the classic character and format we all fell in love with.  WOOT!
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Braised Beef Shank w/Noodle And Wonton w/Spicy Sauce @ Chef Hung And a Rant!!!

12.50 for beef/noodle 5.00 for Wonton (tax and tip not included)

Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle
19369 Stevens Creek Blvd #100, Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 899-2511
11AM–3PM, 5–10PM

Around lunchtime a few of us decided to check out the new beef noodle place #ChefHung here in Cupertino, CA.  I ended up deciding on two items Braised Beef Shank w/Noodle and a Wonton w/Spicy Sauce.  Each was labeled with a chili pepper icon so I assumed it would be "spicy".  Sadly neither dish was spicy in the least, and a quick poll of the table of the other spicy dishes ordered also confirmed that there was zero spice.   With that said they did have flavorings to "enhance" the spicy on the table and in the end I completely forgot to add additional spice to actually make it spicy, but if its labeled on the menu as spicy I expect it to BE spicy!  

The dishes were very good however, but if you were't versed in how a fresh hand pulled noodle was the texture could be a bit of…

Joule From ChefSteps! Basic Pork Chop Recipe!!! Sous Vide!!!

I pre-ordered Joule awhile back and it finally arrived!   What is Joule you might ask? Well its the new Sous Vide machine from ChefSteps!  Its essentially a water heater and circulation device.  Joule allows you to cook food immersed in water (in a zip lock bag or vacuum bag) to a tenderness and keep that food at that state for long periods of time without fear of over or under cooking the food.  

(cooked pork chop per their recipe so juicy!)

Another cool aspect is that you can pair the device with your phone (app is android and ios), your wi-fi router, as well as an Amazon Echo or Dot (for some voice control) to cook/monitor/start/stop/change temps/set timers from anywhere you have an internet connection.  ChefSteps app(android and apple) takes the calculations out of Sous Vide so its a simple process of selecting the doneness, visually, within the app and then just hit GO!
Check out the two little videos snippets to see Joule in operation:

I followed ChefSteps recipe for both the p…