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POPUP SHOP - Modo Mochi Donut @ Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Jose

$20 for a dozen!!! (other food, and tax/tip not included)
People have lost their damn minds once again in the "craze" of these Hawaiian Mochi Donuts!  We arrived after lunch at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in San Jose off Saratoga Ave.  The line was out the door! My friends got in line, I went in to scope out how long it would be.   I passed the automatic doors and saw the line twisted to and fro, back and forth, amongst various food stands and displays.  I inquired the length of time people were waiting, 2-3 hrs was the wait time.  
OMG! No frick'n way!!!  
No pastry was worth that wait!Luckily, my friend came in to see the line size and saw their sister in law and was able to snag a few to share with us! Thanks CHAN!  The max you could get for one person was a dozen for $20.   
Now don't get me wrong, the donuts were very tasty and had that slight chewiness of fresh pastries combined with mochi, but they weren't mind blowing crazy good.  The best donut was the one l…
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Empanadas from El Sur!

This is what we had at work today for lunch for our two hour meeting. These are empanadas from El Sur! My favs are the #parisien, and the #champinones.  #argentina #delicious, #empanadas, #food, #foodie, #foodporn, #lunchemunche, #lunchtime, #workcatered EMAIL INFO@ELSURSF.COM PHONE 415 530 2803 ADDRESS 300 DE HARO STE. 342 SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies!!! #homemade

The other night was craving some chocolate chip cookies, saddly didn't have any chips on hand (have to restock the pantry I guess!).  Did find some dark chocolate bars, so threw it in a gallon sized zipper bag, covered it in a tea towel (don't forget to bring a towel!), and went all medieval on them until they were nice sized chunks.  Whipped up the normal tollhouse recipe and used proper soften butter this time around to cream the sugar vs doing what I did last time, which was nuke the frozen butter too much to where it went liquid, which resulted in thin and crispy cookies.  With the soften butter these were more "cakey" and didn't spread as much. :) #baking, #cookies, #darkchocolate, #delicious, #food, #foodie #chocolate, #foodporn, #homemade, #lunchemunche, #tollhouse

Spicy Pork Stew + Other Delicious Foods @ Go Gi Go Korean BBQ

$14.99 Spicy Pork Stew (not pictured) (other food, and tax/tip not included)
While a bit pricy, you do get a lot of food, and the staff was super friendly and attentive.  I'd recommend going here if you want a bit more tastier experience than some of the other similar locations unless you're on a budget.  
Sadly in my excitement to get the other food photographed, I forgot to take a picture of my own meal, the Spicy Pork Stew, served in a stone hot pot.  Very delicious, and more than enough (with the rice), for me to take home 1/2 and have it for dinner that night as well!  Go Gi Go Korean BBQ 

Chicken And Ginger Curry EXTRA HOT!!! (Its Not) @ Curry House

$12.90 Chicken And Ginger Curry Extra HOT!!! (tax and tip not included)
I make a point of mentioning that the meal I received was labeled "EXTRA HOT" but sadly it was one of the mildest curry dishes I've had to date.   I'm not a spice fanatic but when its labeled EXTRA HOT on the menu I expect something a bit more than a slight tingle on the tongue, and being that they are warning me on the menu I shouldn't have to ask for it to be "extra spicy" for it to be EXTRA HOT!  My friends normal curry dish was more spicy.

Don't get me wrong its a tasty dish, but as I described to my friend, its not a curry I can see myself craving like I do with normal Thai or Indian cuisine.  I will go back to the Curry House, but next time around I think i'll just get the normal curry meals, perhaps with seafood!

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